Non Formal Education

Training Programs : Vikash has conducted training programs on community empowerment, classroom teaching, preparation of low cost/no cost teaching aids, center management and maintenance of records. Orientation programs were conducted for the facilitators with special emphasis on the joyful learning.

Education Materials : Vikash borne the cost of facilitators and education materials in the space arranged by the community for the school.

Joyful Learning : The facilitators prepared low-cost teaching-learning materials like mud pellets wooden sticks for mathematical calculations and locally made science equipment to help children to learn in play-way method.

The technical inputs for the facilitators were provided by Vikash.

Co-Curricular Activities : Agricultural Programs for imparting knowledge of modern technology were also undertaken for the children with the objective to help their parents in better crop yield.  The centers were also encouraged to observe all important national days like Independence day, Republic day, Teacher’s day, Children’s day etc. Several competitions like music, quiz, sports, etc. were also organized in the centers.

Advocacy : The Non-Formal Education facilitators were also involved in awareness campaigns on environmental programs and villagers took charge to educate the people about the program as per the guidelines issued by the government from time to time. Marches on creating literacy awareness were organized regularly which have lasting impact on the people.

Library: Vikash was maintaining a library of 5225 information books at Vigyan Ashram, Kundra for the facilitators and learners.