Urban Governance

Vikash has implemented various activities in Puri, Konark, Nimapara and Bhubaneswar Municipalities to bring positive change in Urban Governance.  It undertook a study on “Status of decentralization of Urban Governance in selected ULBs” comprising 11 Municipalities in 4 Districts of Odisha.

Vikash has organized regional consultations of NACs and Municipalities and identified critical barriers in strengthening Urban Governance.

The organization has organized capacity building training programs for the elected representatives of the Urban Local Bodies in Puri, Konark, Nimapara and Bhubaneswar Municipalities.  Exposure visits were organized for the elected representatives to model ULBs to gain exposure and materialize their learnings.

Vikash has facilitated formation and strengthening of citizens groups (Youth, Senior Citizens, Women and Media etc.) to work as pressure groups in strengthening public infrastructure and services to the citizens of NAC and Municipalities. It also undertook campaigns to involve more citizens in Urban Governance.