Basic Health Services



Vikash has partnered with the Government of India in organizing Urban Health Services for the slum dwellers under National Urban Health Mission (NUHM).

  1. We have adopted 45 slums for providing free basic health care and managed a dispensary with a complete medical team.
  2. A team of volunteers  organized outreach camps with the motto of disease prevention and maternity care.
  3. We are organizing community level health interventions of NUHM in the slums of Bhubaneswar and  facilitate the Community Process Activities .
  4. Ward Kalyan Samitis ( WKS) and Mahila Arogya Samitis (MAS) are organised to have access to health, with a strong focus on community engagement. 
  5. Early identification of Mental Disability is done in various locations in Puri district. Efforts towards rehabilitation and integration of identified persons is ensured.