• In the early 90’s Vikash started its health program by organizing health camps and eye camps in Puri district. We have worked in 3 blocks of Puri District and 45 slums of Bhubaneswar on Health programs.
  • We are organizing community level health interventions of NUHM in the slums of Bhubaneswar and facilitating Community Process Activities by forming Ward Kalyan Samitis ( WKS) and Mahila Arogya Samitis (MAS).
  • Early identification of physical/mental disability is done at various locations in Puri district. We also look after the post-therapy rehabilitation and the integration of identified persons are supplied with assistive devices where needed.
  • Referrals were given to specialty hospitals for medical/ surgical intervention.
  • Access to trained multi-rehab workers and special educators is ensured as Vikash partners with a full-fledged training institution.
  • Home Based Therapy and Institutional Therapy is provided to nearly 700 persons with disabilities.
  • Eradication, treatment and rehabilitation of leprosy affected persons has been our focus since inception. Formation of associations of such persons has been done as a follow up action.
  • School and Community Awareness Program on Health, Hygiene and Sanitation under JICA assisted Odisha Integrated Sanitation Improvement Project has been running in 19 Wards of Bhubaneswar.

Community Mental Health

We have experienced that People exposed to poverty, un-employment, distress migration, illness, affected with disaster and pandemics are leads to mental illness. People with mental illness are often excluded from full participation in community life and health care services being an invisible group.

Thus Vikash works on Community mental Health to reduce stigma, exclusion and barrier to access the health care services, treatment, counseling, psychosocial support, medicine, social security programme and livelihood promotion activities and promote their participation in disability inclusive development process. Vikash promotes positive mental health by forming the Caregivers association for Persons living with mental illness. In reference to the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Vikash contributes for promotion of positive mental health and well being.

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