About Vikash

Vikash has come a long way as a Non-Governmental Organization in Odisha, working towards Sustainable Development and Protection of People’s Rights through community involvement, keeping in view the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) since 1986.




Since inception, Vikash is working to uphold the ethos of determination, dedication and confidence for an all round development of the community.  We believe that development can take place when the  community realizes its own strength. In the process, we strengthen and support community structures and local institutions. We believe in human initiative, strength and innovative spirit, rather than charity.

We believe “small is beautiful” but at the same time we realize that small things can perish if they are not a part of the whole.   Like streams coming together to form a river, the growth of great civilizations comes from a network of small initiatives. Here at Vikash, we have designed our line of action to work in large areas while maintaining the beauty and sanctity of small things.


Vikash worked with  leprosy-affected persons for their rights from 1986 and has expanded to the following areas:

  1. Health & Disability
  2. Livelihood & Dignity
  3. Environment
  4. Shelter for Urban Homeless
  5. Advocacy
  6. Inclusive Education
  7. Good Governance
  8. Special Programs





Sl No. Name of the Members Occupation Position held in the Governing Body
1 Dr. Hussain Rabi Gandhi Poet


2 Mr. Ashok Nanda Social service, Educationist, Thinker Member
3 Mr. Sankarsan Hota Social service Member


4 Mr. Ajit Das Advocate


5 Mrs. Chandrakala Sunani Woman Activist Member
6 Mrs. Sunamani Runguda Woman Activist Member
7 Mrs. Renubala Majhi Woman Activist Member
8 Mr. Pradeep Patnaik Activists Special Invitee
9 Mr. Tushar Ray Social Service Special Invitee
10 Mr. Bibekananda Mishra Social service Secretary